Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taste and see

Psalm 78:18 They willfully put God to the test
by demanding the food they craved.
That verse always jumps out at me when I run across it. I know it is talking about the Israelites not being satisfied with Manna but it speaks to me on so many different levels. God provides for us and instead of being happy with the people he has put in my life or the house or the clothes or the church, etc...I start feeling a crave for a banana chocolate malt. Don't I realize I am willfully putting God to the test in the areas he has so abundantly provided for me?
Josh has gotten onboard to try If we follow their meal plans it will force me to buy more fruits and vegetables and hopefully eat them. Not that I did too bad before but there is always room for improvement.
I wrote the above at the beginning of last's been a long week of still trying to get over the virus Elise brought home the first week of school. Hopefully this next week will be better.

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