Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Saturday it felt like we had a staycation. Josh's co-worker invited him and the boys to go surf fishing at Little Talbot Island but we all went. I thought that with Elise's previous fishing enthusiasm she would be a dead ringer for most fish caught...but what 5 yr old little girl wants to fish when there is a wonderful, albeit chilly beach to play on? I knitted...random scarf I probably won't finish but at least it gave me something to do while I enjoyed the waves.
Why else would I go with them on our first cold snap of the season?
In the end though I gave up knitting and laid face down on a towel because I had been at the Y at 7 when it opened and I was ready for a nap. But don't you know the kids used me as a hurdle for their running races up and down the beach so I actually didn't get any sleep but it was relaxing.
I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are having a blessed week!


ewe scrap said...

In the N.C. mountains we had RAIN for three days and FREEZE warning one morning. The Florida heat wave was sounding pretty good...BUT I guess it's gone. I'll be home as soon as this nasty cough is better. I miss you all VERY much. xo xo xo

Gloria said...

What an awesome day - love the pictures

sister sheri said...

We went to the Oregon Coast on Saturday. Too cold to lay down on the beach... but that does sound wonderful! I knit on the way to and back. Simple little vest pattern. Using up scraps of yarn.

CroppinRobin said...

Great pictures! I love staycations!