Sunday, October 4, 2009

Better than a Sunday Nap

On our way to the dock were these wonderful flowers!
Emmett was allowed to use the fishing pole, next time we should bring his.

Elise stole Josh's cap off his head and put it on her own.

Today instead of taking a long Sunday afternoon nap after church, I walked with Josh, Emmett and Elise to our friend's house so Elise could try out her new fishing pole. She bought the pole with the birthday money her great grandad George sent her.
While Elise was waiting for Josh to finish up what he was doing she declared that she needed bait! I told her where to find some worms....but she asked me to dig them up....I said I would but she had to pick them up and put them in her barbie tackle box. She did.
And not only that, she hooked the little worms!
No fish caught, but the weather was Perfect...nice breeze, light sun, not to hot.
It was better than a Sunday Nap!


Gloria said...

Love the photo of your hubby and the kids laid out on the deck. It's like the perfect expression of a Sunday afternoon - family and rest.

sister sheri said...

What a perfectly wonderful day! Thanks for sharing it!