Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White Christmas

Left Jacksonville at 7 in the morning Saturday and arrived at my sister Cathron's house in Indiana at 11:15 pm. The roads weren't bad though we were holding our breath driving through Bloomington because there was a light snow falling and we had no idea if the roads were icy and our Floridian ignorance had us on the edge of our seats. More light snow on Sunday and Monday so Elise got to make a snowball and they tried sledding but really there wasn't enough snow of that.
We worshiped at Exodus Sunday morning and we were joined by 6 of Stephen's friends.
It's still hard.
Stephen's stocking is hung.
It will get better.
We went to a winery yesterday and an Antique Mall, I bought a biscuit/doughnut cutter...broke the bank with my $6 purchase. Today hopefully I can hit a few more stores to paroose through, feeling the need to walk a little. There are spiced nuts and gumdrop cookies and buttermilk fudge and peanut butter blossom cookies and Dove peppermint bark chocolates and....What does Scarlet say?


Melissa said...

I'm glad you all are up there for Christmas. I'm sorry for the sadness it brings, but healing will come.
Merry Christmas....:)

sister sheri said...

Man, I wish I had something thoughtful to say... inspiring... But I am just sorry that this season is so hard. I am sorry that Stephen is gone. I pray that the Lord will bring you comfort and wonderful memories.

My many blessings... Merry Christmas!

Gloria said...

I can only imagine how bittersweet this visit is with your sister. I'm just glad that you are all together.