Monday, January 25, 2010

What a guy

A week ago I was listening to talk radio while sectioning a whole bag of grapefruit and all my effort reaped some pretty neat rewards. Not only did have a whole tub of ready to eat healthy pink grapefruit but.....Builder's Care has a radio show Saturday mornings at 8, and before their first commercial break, Bill Wilson announced he had 4 circus tickets to give away. I wrote down the phone number but he never said another word about it. He did say some great things that Builder's Care was working on and plans for the future and their need for more volunteers.
The previous week I had thought that I would really like some free tickets to the Circus, so don't ya know I called up the radio station. Mr. Wilson was generous enough to give them to me!
Normally I don't get any food or drinks when we go to events... so I made sure Josh went with us because he doesn't feel the budget constraints/guilt as much as I do (at least it seems that way). No, that's not the only reason I wanted him to go, I enjoy his company and I thought it would be good for kids to have their dad go. The cotton candy was sold in those circus hats, and Josh bought one for Elise and then I saw Emmett looking at it, so I asked him if he wanted never know. I don't think he knew whether or not he was supposed to be excited about the circus, he's almost 9 ya know and maybe 9 year old boys think the circus is dumb. Stewart didn't know if he should go and John-Thomas was a definite no. Anyway, I think Emmett enjoyed it and so did Stewart and so did Josh and I for that matter. (Josh didn't want to go either, but he is such a good sport...and he bought me a lemonade, what a guy)


Melissa said...

I love the circus! Looks like a great time!

sister sheri said...

Yeah for free circus tickets! Now, I know what to get you for your birthday!