Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Could it be?
no, not really...I needed a picture and found this on Josh's work camera, I have no idea where or what it is.
I think I am going to start counting calories.
It may be easier than writing down the foods I eat.
Yesterday when I started this post I also started writing down the calories, ran out of calories for the day at 2. Didn't know how many calories were in my coffee creamer and since it is 60 degrees in our house I have been drinking A LOT of coffee...maybe I should rethink that.
Never have been the least bit interested in counting calories, after all that involves numbers and I hate numbers, and the adding....ick.
But, did you read this inspirational weight lost story?
It has been running through my head a lot,
unfortunately I forgot about it just now when Josh called and I was standing in the kitchen and found a pan of brownies in the microwave that the boys had made last night.
There's another reason I haven't wanted to count calories, exactly how many calories did I just eat?
But if I did it the way Shabby Scraps/Tiffany did it then it wouldn't be all that difficult. She did not count fruits and veggies, so if I ate mostly that then there would be less to count?.!
Oh, I don't know.
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow. "
Scarlett from GWTW
Just in case you would like to be amused by some more random Gone with the Wind quotes, here is the site for you.

This morning on Air1 they said that even though Avatar has made the most money of any other movie in history, it hasn't sold the most tickets.
Gone with the Wind still holds that title.
Stewart wanted to know what that movie was about?
I tried to share my enthusiasm for it with him but something got lost in the translation.

Ran across this site today when looking for a pumpkin puree/cake mix recipe...can't believe how simple that is.

Distractions abound and so this is not an organized post, who am I kidding, most of my posts are a hodgepodge.

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