Thursday, January 28, 2010

Show and Tell

While reading Tales from the Coop Keeper this morning I remembered something I've wanted to tell you about:
Mary Ostyn is the author of a new cook book I bought two weeks ago, Family Feasts for $75 and this is her blog: Owlhaven.
I have made the quiche recipe and have gotten rave reviews, and let me tell you, the crust was easy peasy. I will NEVER roll out another crust again. The recipe called for all purpose flour and I did use part whole wheat which gave a little sweetness to the crust which was oh, so enjoyable.
Here's another food related item"
Reames Homestyle Egg Noodles
If you go their website there is a $ .50 coupon to print...whether or not I will remember to take it to the store is another story.
My sister buys these noodles at her Sam's club in Indiana....but my Sam's in Florida doesn't sell them so I thought I was out of luck...until this week.
I told Gloria I would make her some won ton soup for her post op meal this week. Silly me forgot that my grocery story right across the street had closed this past Saturday because they are going to tear it down and build a new one.
So I the closest store on my route taking the boys to school is now a Wal-mart. They didn't have the won tons or frozen spinach but they did have Reames Homestyle Egg Noodles! If I hadn't been scouring the shelf for the ingredients to make Won ton Soup I never would've found the noodles. Short on time I did not visit another store and made a butternut squash/carrot soup with a vegetarian bouillon base. Stewart and I thought it turned out good, and we are having it for dinner tonight.
Last night I roughly made my sister's Noodables.
She called out the ingredients over the phone and the link above is probably a perfect match to what she told me.
I did not put bacon in it, I put kielbasa and I didn't use near as much spices but oh, man is it yummy.

The picture at the top is another one I found on Josh's work camera.
He told me last night where yesterday's picture was taken and my mouth dropped open, it is not a residential building....any guesses? I have no idea where today's picture was taken either, maybe it'll have some entertaining story behind it too.

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Gloria said...

Yes ma'am the butternut squash/carrot soup hit the spot :) Thank you!