Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fancy that

Thank you for asking, the bread turned out fantastic yesterday! It may be the best bread I have ever made, perfect for sandwiches or blatant munching... not that I would do that....
Bayly wishes she had some.
Gretta is just happy to get a hug, she loves hugs, and running and jumping up on my bed as soon as Josh gets up in the morning and curling up next to his pillow . He loves her stinky dog funk right where he lays his head, she is always looking out for him.
Did I mention I have a very forgiving husband.
Who needs jewelry when your husband gives you the gift of tolerance, forgiveness and indulges your pet fancies?
In case you were wondering, yesterday I did indeed throw out a bag of random stuff I had stacked in my room. Not that you would notice because Mt. SaintTooMuchStuff is still the predominant theme going on in there. But the important thing is that yesterday there was progress. Won't be any today so don't come back looking for more cheery news. I don't expect to make anymore posts this week...I did a dive roll on the trampoline during our lunch break and then tried to roll backwards and may have pulled a neck muscle in the process.
Why? might you ask would an almost 40 yr old woman being doing dive rolls that turn into backward rolls....wish I could answer that for you, or even tell you that it won't happen again...but as you know my memory is not that great.
Hope you're having a splendid day and if you get a chance try to make this bread.
FYI: I made mine in the bread machine.


Gloria said...

Wow Emily, your bread looks beautiful. I can only imagine sinking my teeth into a nice fresh sandwich... oh the joy of remembering my past life when I could indulge in such simple pleasures without my blood sugar spiking and my face breaking out.

What on earth is a dive roll? Why on earth are you doing it on a trampoline? I hope you are okay!

I'll take tolerance, forgiveness and emotional indulgence over jewelry any day :)

sister sheri said...

You are a girl after my own heart... dive rolls on trampolines! Hope you feel better!