Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

The good camera has no batteries in it.
Picture Project, the photo editor I LOVED is no longer available and so I don't know how to turn my photos or clean them up and make them look pretty.
There's my disclaimer for the day.

I'm going to make bread today.
This bread.
Two weeks ago I made this bread. It's an easy bread and turned out the best ever, but I still think it has too much cinnamon for my tastes.
I'm hopeful about today's endeavor.
I should be purging in my room, Gloria's post got me jazzed about the stuff I've noticed lately that really could be trashed. Why am I holding onto computer stationary that hasn't been used in at least 7 years. Maybe I'll do that after I get the bread started.

Stewart had a 104 fever yesterday. The second time in less than three weeks. The first time he tested positive for H1N1 but yesterday he tested positive for the all purpose no hype kind. I bleached all the surfaces in the house yesterday. Josh turned on the ceiling fan because the fumes were getting to him. Stewart is feeling better today, gotta love the $60 Tamiflu prescription. His cough sounds like pneumonia but I will do my best to believe the doctor that his lungs sounded fine.

Elise's teacher stopped me in the hall today to tell me who she decided Elise reminded her of....
Panic, Junie B. Jones, Ramona, Matilda?, there was endless array of crazy characters that I was sure she was going to say.
But, no.
"An American Girl doll. Wholesome, pretty clothes, hair fixed cute, good manners."
Ahhhh, said my heart.
Not at home, was my next thought.
I'm glad she's a blessing to her teacher was the next one.
It took her going to school to reveal those qualities, maybe this wasn't so bad after all.
She's still coming home next year.

I haven't started on verse 4 yet.
Still thinking and trying to work on verse 3.
Since this isn't an official verse memorization program and there is no chart on the wall where I'm going to see a star missing I think I may postpone verse #4 till March. Since I'm so slow on the memorization thing, I may have to just pick one a month. Been thinking about that too.
Some may say lazy.
But really, my name does mean diligent so there.
Silliness, sorry if that sounded snarky.
You all are such an encouragement in all you do, even my sneaky friends and sister who read and don't post comments, I love you anyway and it fills my inside basket to overflowing that you come to check out my crazy thoughts.

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ewe scrap said...

Elise looked every bit like an old fashioned all American girl yesterday when I picked her up from school. You had her looking so cute for her school picture...not that she doesn't look the picture of cuteness every day.