Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tastey Thursday

Pear blossom from last year, this year they aren't looking as good.
Sorry, no picture of the enchilada, that's blog basics huh?
A couple of weeks ago I threw a big package of ground beef, a jar of Corn and Black Bean Salsa and some rice in the crock pot to cook while I was out running errands. That night I think we had tacos with some of the meat and the rest of it I put in the freezer. Yesterday I used said defrosted meat combo to make enchiladas.
I have never made enchiladas.
My sister made them over Christmas and it sounded like she did it regularly.
Why aren't I making them frequently if they are so good?
Yesterday I remember that the "Feed your family for $75 or less" cookbook had an enchilada recipe which of course I didn't follow completely but did use it to roughly figure out how to make the sauce.
I had one little can of tomato paste but no tomato sauce.
But, I did have one can of diced Italian tomatoes.
Also had a package of taco seasoning.
A little immersion hand blender action and...
Viola! Enchilada Sauce!
I was very surprised at how they soaked up ALL of the sauce...note to time when I think I have put enough sauce on...put a little more.
Tonight it will be lentil soup.
What about you?


Gloria said...

That's the one thing I still enjoy with land animals from time to time - ground beef. Not in burgers, but in things like the turkish mussaka I learned, or in lumpias, so it is very rare that I get to eat it, but I enjoy it when I do.

Tonight I had a spinach/sprout salad, a raw vegan coconut thai soup, and a raw vegan brownie with a scoop of raw vegan vanilla ice cream - we were invited to dinner with the chef who taught our raw food classes, we brought the brownies!

sister sheri said...

Confession time... I had a whopper jr. last night.