Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Choice

Gretta begged to go out this morning, and since I had to pass through the kitchen on my way out I grabbed a vanilla yogurt...good choice
I found a big handful of ripe blackberries. Into my activia they went....Yummmm
For about two weeks we have been picking scant handfuls, but today by far was the motherload...there are still more to come as you can see.

The picture I took of the blackberries in my yougurt container was focused on the ground and not on the blackberries so I'm not posting that one.
For the past 4 years I have battled the blackberries, trying to get rid of or tame them...last year I gave up and what a reward. I should have dug up the amaryllis....a year or so ago I had the bright idea to have a little circle area with them multiplying in there, whoops.
Somewhere in that gardening diatribe is a spiritual lesson I'm sure but the allegories are slow coming this morning and I should be monitoring Emmett's solar system lesson to make sure he is staying on track.
The tee-pee also has been given over to the blackberry plants but the honeysuckle is winning right now.

Even though I don't like periwinkle, I planted them anyway this year. My hope is that they will spread their seeds and I won't worry about watering them. I always forget to turn off the hose when I put out the sprinkler and then a lake forms and the landlord comes by and wants to know what's going on so I don't water anymore. The oak hydranga are in beautiful bloom right now and I took a picture of them too....oooh, oooh and my hosta, my hosta! I thought they were killed in the freeze this past winter but no....they live!

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