Saturday, May 15, 2010

My hobby today

This morning I started fooling around with the look of my blog. I was so proud of myself for finding the site that told me how to widen my center bar and then I found one cute button here and I have no idea where I found the birdie/contact me button. Tonight I tried one background after another until Josh came in and reminded me about Blogger in Draft. No more messing with HTML to get the right size format. Loveliness!

In between the blog business I cleaned the boys' room. Took two bags of garbage out and two bags of clothes to donate.

All the flannel sheets and hoodies and sweatpants are packed away nice and neat.

Found some cowboy boots that the boys have grown out of that Elise was prancing around in. She was already wearing Emmett's hand-me-down cut off jeans (knee length not dasiy duke's).

My reward for having a dust allergy fit and spending 3hrs in there was to spend an hour at the thrift store (well, I had to take the stuff there anyway).

Yipppee, I found a smocked dress for Elise, a skirt and sweater set for me, a tie and khaki's for Stewart.....all for $21.

I almost forgot the best part of the day...Elise asked to go for a bike ride/jog. The first time in weeks that I actually enjoyed it, and then I mowed when I got home. Wow, I got a lot done today...and yet I still feel like I was lazy...oh well...that's probably just the Benedryl talking....


sister sheri said...

Your blog looks so wonderful! I will have to look at the designer... What fun!

Gloria said...

I'm so impressed with the widened center column, share your secret girl!

I have days like that too where I am non-stop going from task to task, but yet feel as if I accomplished nothing.