Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hide and Seek


Last week's homework for A Woman's Heart God's Dwelling Place by Beth Moore was done before I left Tuesday evening for church...finished it just prior to walking out the door.
Or so I thought...
Evidently I completely missed the little " heart " questions in the sidebars.  Whoops.
The whole week had been a refreshing review of the past three years of teaching Sunday School using the Desiring God curriculum.  
Day 3's heart question was "Have you ever truly accepted that Christ died not only for you but also instead of you?"
Even though every year I have taught different material, every one of them has emphasized that fact.  It is a sobering thought that I understand as a theological issue but don't know if it has pierced my heart.

On that same page there were two sentences I underlined  where she taught about Noah being from Shem and that Shem means "Name"...
"God desired to set apart a people devoted to His name, not to their own."
2 Chron. 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name"
There's a whole year's worth of lessons I need...that I am not my own.
Something else that got me thinking was "based on Genesis 12:1 --Have you noticed that God often requires us to leave our comfort zones to answer our calling?"

Wish I could say that I must be answering my calling and that's why I'm never comfortable but I think that's called contentment or the lack thereof.  I wonder if there's a Desiring God curriculum on that subject?

So it turns out that even though I haven't been able to memorize specific verses from the past three year's lessons they have none the less been hidden in my heart and readily came back to me when I did this past week's homework.  I just need to remember to seek out those heart questions and be ready to learn something new in the midst of all this familiar material. 


ewe scrap said...

You are where God has called you to be...and He has given you everything you need to accomplish His calling.
Why is it that women don't usually look at being a mother as a calling. To raise four children who love the Lord and serve Him is one of God's highest callings.

Melissa said...

I'm doing this same study! We are almost done. We have 2 more weeks! It's been one of the best studies I have ever done!