Monday, June 7, 2010

What summer means to me

Last Thursday my aunt and uncle invited me and my sister for lunch and it was high tide so the kiddos got to jump off the dock into the St. John's river.  In the background of Elise's picture you can barely make out the jetties where the river empties into the ocean.  I am so thankful that my kids are sharing a piece of my childhood, something that can't be bought.  Actually, I didn't get to jump off a dock when I was little because they didn't have a dock then, and I was too young to jump off the channel marker (my sisters and cousins did).  But I did spend loads of time floating by the shore just like Elise and Claire.  And I got stung by jelly fish like all the kids did...fortunately it was after they had already jumped off a kijillion times.
Sitting under the cypress trees with the sea breeze blowing non stop is also a found memory.  At times I was bored like Stewart and other times happy like Joshua.  I could've posted another half dozen pictures.
I also have projects to post and blueberry picking pictures....stay tuned.


Gloria said...

Looks like a lovely afternoon Emily. Love Elise's big bow with her hot pink suit!

sister sheri said...

Oh... that's right... those jellyfish that look pretty in an aquarium actually sting when they are live and in person!