Tuesday, June 8, 2010


After my success with the toothpaste cover up tee shirt I decided to try my hand at a shirt for my sister.  I found a plain button up t-shirt at Old Navy for $5.99 to embellish and picked up a white McCain Palin tee shirt for $.50 at our local bargain store to cut up.
I cut strips off the bottom of the scrap shirt and then ran them through the sewing machine to gather them and then sewed it around the neck and buttons. I was just going to sew one row on but it really needed two so the night before she left I sewed another one on.  Originally I was going to do a rosette but the Old Navy shirt was a scoop neck and the rosette would end up being a decoration of another sort if you know what I mean.  I've spent the last half hour trying to upload the picture of my practice shirt and can't figure out how to do it...why, I have no idea...had no problem putting up the other pictures.  And that my friends is why I could never get into the blog "business"

Then, since the whole reason I started on this sew crafting was because I saw The Pleated Poppy's post on crayon rolls...I made one for Elise and one for my niece Claire.  I think I followed the instructions/measurements but the first one (the blue and brown) was too long and the crayons were getting lost in their pockets so I sewed a piece of rick rack to keep them from going down too far. So with the pink one I made it smaller.  I had picked up the pink and blue fabrics years ago with their coordinating striped fabric but for some reason the pink and brown stripe decided to go into the witness protection system and is hiding out in parts unknown so I had to substitute the pink gingham...not the perfect match but Claire didn't seem to mind. I've finished my projects and don't have anything new to work on...now I just need to finish the kajillion other things that are lying around...


Gloria said...

I love that you can sew. I think it is awesome how you pick up projects along the way to try out. I hope you are able to upload the picture of your sister's shirt so we can see it.

The crayon case is so pretty and I can see how it would be so useful as a carrying case for travel and entertainment. Instead of a box that rips and tears, it's so nice and neat and pretty.

My keys were in the eyewitness protection program this morning. It took me an hour and half to remember I put them in the zipper of the silly kitty cat carrying case when I took Buttercup outside with me last night to walk Jasper.

sister sheri said...

I am loving your crafty side... makes me want to go buy crafty stuff... much more fun than actually making anything!