Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is a regular occurance where I forget appointments or mistake the day for a different when my friend Anne called me yesterday morning asking if I was coming to the beach I just thought it was another one of those times. We threw a jar of peanut butter and a bag of bread, apples and caprisuns in a bag, got our suits on lickety split, loaded up the boogie boards in record time and headed to the beach.....
This time it was Anne and Julie that had the day wrong...I'm so glad it's not just me that does this.
So me and the kids are headed back to the beach today to meet up with Kendra who origionally planned the beach day. Elise will do more digging, John-Thomas will do more running after a skim board (do you see him behind Elise?), Stewart will get better on the surf board and Emmett will wander off in search for minnows and I will panick when I can't find him and think he has been carried away in the section of beach they closed because of strong currents. (normally I stay away from panick mode but no one could find him and the other moms were getting ready to run screaming to the life guard...near hysteria I tell you)
Tonight will be the first get together of a second Bible study I am doing.
I asked Susan and her friends if they wanted to do a Bible study and they all agreed so tonight we are cracking open No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. The one friend that isn't a Christian decided to back out because she said she was too vunerable after the death of her close friend to cancer. Well...that's why I thought the Holy Spirit was moving on my heart to do this! If she doesn't come it won't be for's not like I don't need it.
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sister sheri said...

So sorry I forgot to get back to you about the Bible Study recommendations! I did the No Other Gods study via the LPMblog two years ago and found it to be so insightful. Great choice!

I often struggle when I think the Lord was leading me one way only to find out it would turn out differently. Only God knows who needs this study the most... and that you obeyed Him to follow through and set it up shows a lot about your trust and faith in Him. And who knows but that this is only the beginning for this friend, too.

(I've been on vacation... and will be for the next week. I am waiting for everyone to wake up... so I thought I'd see what my friends were up to!)