Sunday, September 12, 2010

She Laughed at my soul

Elise woke up at 6am with a 102+ fever.
Josh started the cool down bath and the medicine and went to back to bed. I finished up the bath and hair washing( a girl has to look good while she's sick) gave her cough medicine, toasted a bagel, heated some sausage and the Disney channel was turned on, then what's a mom to do with her cup of freshly brewed coffee? Read through the blogs in my sidebar that I haven't clicked on in weeks that's what.

The music on Posie Gets Cozy and an Oregon State Fair t-shirt may be on my short list of things to buy.
All the talk of projects makes me want to break out my sewing machine, or bake something.
This post encouraged me to blog. It connected with me when she said, "write as if you're talking to your sister" did she know that's what I did? I love her lists, I should have more lists, but I don't normally talk lists to my sister so it probably won't happen here either. I ramble when I talk to my sister and that's what I do here...I'm a rambler. At this point the Allman Brother's Ramblin' Man lyrics are rolling through my head.

Which reminds me that Tracy, Susan and I discussed our ramblin nature of conversation at Jason's Deli last night. We went there to discuss our final chapter of the No Other God's study but of course we rambled about tons of other stuff. Tracy me made me laugh so hard that I had to excuse my weak from 4 childbirth's bladder and run to the bathroom. As I was making my escape I heard Tracy say, "well that was abrupt." Yep.
And when I came back she and Susan were discussing "I am God" by Toby Mac/Kirk Franklin. Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know I am God," has been Susan's verse for over a year now and Tracy was sharing how that song drives her to tears.
Yesterday before I met Susan and Tracy the Mandissa cd that a sista from a different mother gave me almost made me cry. I prayed for some of my peeps during the "How Much" song until I got home and had to unload the ginormous bag of broccoli and cabbage and ....that I had picked up from Sam's.
Which is why I will probably never write a book with the title, "She laughed at my soul" even though we all agreed when Susan said it in response to my gigglness, that is sounded like a great book title.


Melissa said...

How did you like No Other Gods? I have been contemplating that study. My friend is starting it at her church tonight. I am thinking about going.

gideonmommasita said...

I liked it because it was just Tracy, Susan and I and we met in a home and fixed the meal that went with each chapter. So we never really got away from the whole, "food is my idol" issue. None of us were able to answer the self reflection questions on our own but when we got together the conversation got us thinking better to come up with an answer.