Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For at least the past 8 years I have made Ressurection Rolls on Easter morning.  Two weeks ago I bought the marshmellows and crescent rolls in preperation.  Easter morning I got up at 5:30 to get everything prepped and....No Marshmellows to be found in the kitchen.  For 30 minutes I go through my kitchen, I wake Josh up and he gives it a good look too.
Josh said that since one of the kids most likely ate the said marshmellows they didn't need the rolls anyway. But I had already laid out the crescent rolls and melted the butter...what to do?
Peeps are marshmellows right?
They worked great.
The kids didn't need peeps in their Easter baskets anyway.
Elise didn't remember why they were called ressurection rolls so I told her what it all meant and we had a special time in the kitchen.
Tip on the ressurection rolls if you should ever make them...
Cook them in muffin tins sprayed with pam, they maintain their shape and tomb like hole fabulously.

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sister sheri said...

Love this use of peeps! I find it hilarious actually... the classic Easter peeps being used for the open tomb!