Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ADD Home cleaning

This morning I didn't want to clean...
So I rearranged bookcases, something I kinda started the other day and didn't finish. Elise is on the border between picture books and beginning chapter books.  The other day I sorted through the books and left a stack on the floor in the boys room for Elise and a stack to donate.
Today I took the Encyclopedias off the hall shelf and moved them into the boys room to make room for Elise's next level.
With some odds and ends still sitting around I started in on the filing cabinet.  The top was a disgrace with pens and pencils all askew and the files needed a good purging...out came the shredder and Elise and Emmett had some shredding fun for all of 5 minutes until it got old.
With that the file cabinet still not tidied up I took off the dinning room swag and threw it in the washing machine with the rest of the whites .
Since I was in the kitchen the dishes yelled at me and so I tackled them...Emmett and Elise had reheated leftovers for lunch and sectioned some grapefruit so there was a sink FuLL.
Still haven't touched my room...anything but my room...ACCKKK!
And really want I want to be doing is out mowing the lawn because it is soooo beautiful outside.
I think I need some ADD medicine on days like today.


Gloria said...

I clean like you clean. I had to devote a room to each day of the week to keep me focused (Monday - laundry, Tuesday - bedrooms....etc), but it doesn't always work....okay fine, it plain just doesn't work, but the organized daily list taped on my kitchen cabinet sure does look nice.

SenoraSabrosita said...

I'm overwhelmed with cleaning myself. Had a family of four stay for 3 days and I can't recover from the mess!

Lloyd said...

What a wonderful family blog. God bless, Lloyd

Jörg said...

nice picture

sister sheri said...

The thing about ADD medicine... would you remember to take it?