Friday, September 9, 2011


On Monday, to honor the boys I have waited for 7 yrs for my boys to be friends with, I made cookies.
Elise wore her chef hat that Gramma gave her for her birthday, that I then took to work and embroidered.
But why did I have to wait 7 yrs for these boys to come over?
One of the first Sundays our family visited Eastside Community 7 years ago there was covered dish lunch afterwards.  Me and my kids sat down with three kids about the same age.  I asked them some general questions and they answered nice enough and it came up that they were public school kids.  It also came up that they I thought it was safe enough to ask them if they had read Harry Potter.
It wasn't safe.
They thought we were unsafe.
They have stayed away from us ever since.
Until last weekend.
Stewart invited them and a few others to play an airsoft war in the woods behind our church after the service last week.
Afterwards they wanted to hang out some more with us.
Monday they met back up at church to pick their fantasy football teams and then, said boys came back to our house.
I was taking a nap....practicing the soul training exercises from the book...when I woke up they were in my house playing video games and watching youtube.
I was so happy I made cookies.
I couldn't tell you the last time I made cookies.
Oatmeal Raisin with several batches that also had chocolate chips.
Not all of them had the chips because Josh enjoys them sans shock-o-lot.
The phonetic spelling doesn't look very cool does it?
The picture of Elise does look very cool doesn't it?
Josh took it with his new
It was a $1.
We could either pay the city $30 a month to make personal calls on his work phone or add Josh to my plan and pay $25.  We chose the cheaper route and Josh now has a new toy.  He is very happy, he's wanted a phone he could play with for a long time.
I told the eldest brother the reason I made them cookies.
He thought I made cookies all the time and I couldn't have him going home telling his mother that so I told them they were in honor of his thinking we were safe enough to spend time with.
He said they've since read Harry Potter.
Then I think I saw the look in his eye that indeed, I still may not be safe.
Who rambles like this?
I do.
Thank you for stopping by.


Gloria said...

How cute is that embroidery! If I had access to an embroidery machine, I'd probably go nutso - it's like a thread label maker and I do love my label maker :)

I love your rambles and I happily stop by!

sister sheri said...

We haven't read Harry. Christopher just saw one of the movies. I think it was an earlier one.

I didn't know you weren't safe.

I think I am glad you are not safe.

I like you.

gideonmommasita said...

Thank you

Jimmy said...

Indeed, it is very nice! :) Bless you all!

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AllThingsHomey said...

I love it when you ramble. It makes me smile.