Thursday, September 22, 2011

ukes and grass skirts

God is Trustworthy is the title/theme of Chapter 3 of The Good and Beautiful God.  He started the chapter out discussing Jesus's trust of his Father.  Jesus knew God before he was a man and knew he was a good father long before he had to trust.  Jesus focused on his good God when life didn't seem good and trusted that God's way was good.  This post has been sitting in my draft folder for several days because I wanted to discuss the great truth in this chapter but I am realising this morning that I don't have time.  This started out as an easy enough post about the things I'm thankful for and maybe that's all it should have been.

The soul training exercise for Chapter 3 of The Good and Beautiful God is to write out how you are thankful. James Bryan Smith says to list loved ones, material possessions, opportunities, creation, things you love and things that God has done for you. In a couple of different places I written out a few things but I am far short of  the fifty or hundred that he suggest striving for in a list.

  • robes of righteousness that always fit no matter how much ice cream I've eaten
  • Grace that meets me when I don't deserve it
  • Good tasting healthy food...right now I'm loving soybeans, raw and cooked and I also love Tabbouleh
  • The freedom and resources to homeschool my children and the ability for them to go to good schools when I don't
  • jobs that provide some source of fulfillment both relationally and creatively and fit our abilities
  • continuous opportunities that teach me to wait
  • wonderful pets that have found us
  • music for the children's worship time on Wednesday nights and rocking awesome women to come a long side me to serve the children
  • fuel efficient car
  • husbands knowledge of computers
  • children that make me laugh
  • children that want to make me laugh
  • friends that seek me out
  • middle school football coach that puts the game in the proper perspective
  • books that make me laugh and think and dream
  • trip to Prague


sister sheri said...

coffee and the Bible and my hubby and my kid and friends that I have never met face to face... in no particular order!

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog