Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild Hair

Yesterday, after seeing the Coop Keeper's post about homemade laundry soap and the cost per gallon I reconciled myself to making it again.  I stopped because  making it was not convenient, and I like Tide.  BUT I can not afford Tide and no amount of coupons reduces the price and I also hate scouring the coupons to find the best price on  laundry soap when I KNOW how cheap it is to make my own.
Started yesterday but had to stop to go to visit my mom in the hospital.
By starting it, I mean that I grated my Fels Naptha and put it in a pot with water...that's it.
But what I discovered is that by leaving it soaking in the water all day, it almost melted itself and cut down my time at the stove stirring considerably.
I am not a patient stirrer at the stove.
I want to turn the heat on high and get it over with....not a good idea...stuff burns that way.
Anyhow, I finished it up right after dinner and then this morning I poured it from my big container into an empty smaller size bottle of laundry soap so it can be easily shaken and measured just in case any one else in the family gets a wild hair to help out with laundry.
I'm back on the homemade soap bandwagon and the ride is a lot smoother than I anticipated.

Not related to laundry but to the Coop Keeper...when I was reading backwards through her blog yesterday I saw she had posted the same picture that Gloria had posted.  Thought of it while I was jogging this morning and wondered if I wanted Josh to take a picture of me jogging, but I jog in the dark so that would be kinda hard.  This morning after I got home and looked at myself I thought how much of a "before" picture I look like....I don't know how self deprecating of a thought it was or just reminding myself that even though I jogged 5 & 1/@ miles in 49 minutes,.... I still have a ways to go and don't think for a minute sista that you can slow down or slack off....that was my self talk this morning. I hope you are encouraging yourself as well this morning.  You are doing a good job and your source is abundant and rich in Mercy and when you need to stop and rest in His Everlasting Arms He knows. Keep up the good work.


Anthony said...
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sister sheri said...

Yup... about to put my walking shoes on. Not ready for the run, but the walk. Slow and steady for me.

But you... WAY TO GO!