Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Merry Christmas!
While Cathron was visiting  to help out my mom from knee replacement I asked her to take a family photo.  The night before she went home we went to the Main library and she took a few photos. The background didn't turn out to be what I had hoped but at least we're all in it and have reasonably good smiles.  She had never been to the Main library and was pleasantly surprised, especially with the Map Room.  Elise had just learned about the early explorers and it was neat to show her early maps that went along with that history lesson.

Yesterday I took Elise to get her picture taken with Santa.  She asked a few weeks ago but yesterday was the first chance I had.  I think we've been going to see the same Santa since she was's Christmas for her.  The boys went to Dick's Sports, Target and Game Stop while we did Santa, Bath and Body Shop, and Gap. An hour and half at the Towne Center and we were outta there.

The week after Thanksgiving I took out the Christmas cards, last year I found them a few days before Christmas.  Tracy said, maybe next year I will get them out and address them and then in a few years they should get sent out.  We'll see.  Tracy was holiday baking when Susan and went to her house the other night for our Good and Beautiful God book/Bible study. She had peanut butter blossoms, lemon crinkle cookies, red velvet balls, sugar cookies and cooling on a baking sheet was sugared pecans.  My mom usually makes these every year and I inhale them...Tracy has given me some in the past too (also inhaled before I even get home) so I was hoping she was going to share again this year....Susan and I were at the door heading home and Tracy said wait, let me get you some pecans. YES! 
I was nervous there for a minute but after all her sweets that I had already eaten I knew I was probably better off not getting any.  Let it be known that I did not inhale them and I am actually sharing them with my husband.

Last night I started wrapping presents.  Seems like the last couple of years I waited until Christmas Eve, it will be nice to have it done before then.  Hopefully tonight I will finish.  It helps when there aren't a whole lot of gifts. That should be a lesson to would be a whole lot easier if there were less stuff around....less clothes= less laundry...etc....

I hope you have a purposefully relaxed Christmas and run to the one who is a strong tower and sent his son for us to celebrate this time of year.

Merry Christmas


sister sheri said...

Merry Christmas to you! Yes, get the wrapping done ahead of time... it is worth it!

Anonymous said...

Que hermoso tema!! te felicito y te invito a visitar mi blog. Rosana