Monday, January 23, 2012

Corn Syrup Solids

Hello, My name is Emily and I am addicted to Corn Syrup Solids.

I don't know when I switched from half and half to Creamer.
17 years ago when Josh and I got married he was putting skim milk in his coffee....
We have tried condensed milk and powdered creamer and when we started doing low carb eating I used half and half.
But somehow a long the way I started buying Vanilla Creamer.
And from Thanksgiving until January we buy Egg Nog.
The first week in January I read the label on the Egg Nog.
Labels are a dangerous thing.
Reading them is hazardous to your health.
I don't recommend reading labels to the faint of heart.
Elise makes reading labels a quiz show game.
"Guess how much carbohydrates is in this bag of potato chips?"
The person who comes closest without going over is the winner.
Josh usually wins.
Last time we played this game I helped him cheat...I was sitting next to Elise and mouthed the answer, she caught us.
She's smart but a good sport and thought it was great fun.
Corn Syrup Solids are not fun and neither is my coffee without them.
I wondered if I would have to give up coffee altogether and get my caffeine from powdered water drinks.
Walmart is now selling 7  powdered water packets with 80mg of caffine for $2.
Zipp fizz without the fizz or the high price tag.
Can you tell I had some this morning?   ...blah, blah,  blah,
I should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post....caution, this post is about nothing and person is under the influence of caffeine.
Happy ending to the problem of my corn syrup solid is that I have switched to Walmart Brand Vanilla Soy milk.....
Which wasn't vanilla enough so I am now adding Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup.
My dilemma of Corn Syrup Solids is solved but I have reintroduced Sucralose, aka, Splenda which I had almost eliminated because I read it was bad for the good bacteria in my stomach.
Ah, The Horror of trying to eat/drink right.


sister sheri said...

I am a 2 Splenda and Sugar-Free Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer gal. I figure I don't smoke or drink, so I got to have some outlet, right?

Gloria said...

Caffeine my friend and foe. I some caffeinated gel on Saturday and my heart has been doing flip flops since. Couldn't go to the gym today because the palpitations were so bad so I'm waiting.. waiting.. waiting. I miss caffeine. I miss the pick-me-up it gives. I wish it were still my friend.

Gloria said...

I had to giggle though....skim milk to full fat creamer are to different ends of the spectrum!