Friday, January 20, 2012

Pushing my luck

Normally I wear slacks to church because I have to leave 1/2 hr before it lets out to go to work at the embroidery shop.  Jan. 1 it was closed and so I put on a skirt.  We were heading out to my aunts after church for some collard greens so we swung into Kingsley plantation real quick and snapped a family picture.  The picture is actually at the Ribault Club because it was closer but then true Josh fashion decided to drive out different than we came in and circum navigated the plantation.
Good thing they weren't waiting on us to eat.
I'd like to go out there again and try and take some more family pictures.
Everyone but Elise hates taking pictures.
It is not pleasant to take family pictures.
We avoid taking family pictures.
It's a miracle we had two taken in less than a month.
I shouldn't push my luck.


Gloria said...

Sounds like Josh's "short"cut was a "long" cut, Arthur takes those too.

That's a great family picture Emily! I love the detailing on the bottom of your skirt :)

sister sheri said...

Love this family photo...

So glad to have family photos especially when there are times to remember...