Friday, February 17, 2012


I wanted to post about valuing trash instead of God.
I wanted to post about not wanting to count calories on MyfitnessPal.
I wanted to post about trying to stay away from Pinterest only to get sucked in this week.
I wanted to post about how hard the morning jogs have been this week....even Craig asked to walk this morning.
I wanted to post about "this is not my home"
I wanted to post about the $2 Cole Hahn shoes I found at Salvation Army.
I wanted to post about The Age of Opportunity by Ted Tripp that I am reading with a few friends.
I wanted to post about my other "Bible" study group where we added creme de menthe or amaretto to our hot chocolate while we discussed what we were learning in church or at our other bible studies....normally we are having gin and tonics...about the only time the three of us ever drink is at our Bible study, what's up with that?
I wanted to post about my 17 yr old intern at the library that is 6 wks pregnant and the other intern whose father is dying of cancer and the other intern who came home last week to a moving truck in his driveway and that's how he found out he was moving to Texas a week later.

  • But, I've spent all week trying to figure out what assignments Emmett is missing and tyring to make sure he gets everything done so we can send it in...almost there. Probably would have had it done this morning but when Emmett and Elise took the dogs out this morning they didn't come back in because they found a shovel and some dirt...I've been checking your blogs, facebook, email and pinterest, eating grapefruit and pretty soon it will be time to check the older two our of school early because they have passport application appointments.


sister sheri said...

Well, you have my interest peaked about all things you didn't post about! And my heart for those precious interns...

kusumi said...

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Gloria said...

"the only time the three of us ever drink is at our Bible Study, what's up with that?" Gotta admit that made me giggle....until I read about what your interns are going through.