Thursday, March 1, 2012


Monday marked the third week of my foray back into bread baking.  For right now, I am making a rye/oatmeal blend with a sourdough loaf thrown in for fun.  The scale is not liking it but the kids are.
I ran 7 miles this week on my own.  It was raining at 5 am when my neighbor and I were supposed to jog so I went later in the day by myself. I walked some, Craig says he didn't walk at all in the River Run last year.   I am trying not to freak out about the 9 mile River Run, March 10.
Pinterest is consuming more and more of my time but it did encourage me to try smocking this week.  I worked two rows and ran out of time and haven't picked it up since.  I also replicated a pretty hairdo with Elise's hair this morning after seeing  one posted on Pinterest so maybe it isn't all bad.
Elise and Emmett have been taking some great pictures of our pets today/this's what prompted me to update my blog today.
I love our pets.
Stewart does not.
He regularly says how much he hates them.
Truth be told, I don't think Bayly has ever liked him and that is part of the problem.

Gretta is very photogenic.
Buzz (the cat) likes my new dinning room chairs and their cushions.  He's been trying out a new chair every day.  Yesterday while enjoying said chair he tried Elise's ham from the ham sandwich she had just made and left unguarded.  I was on pinterest looking at witty sayings.  If you look at the picture of Bayly you can just make out Buzz hanging out in the lovely dinning room chairs my sister Cathron bought for me.  I need to cover the cushions in red.  Maybe if I can pull myself from pinterest next week I'll do that. Maybe not.
Tomorrow I  pick up Ella Jenkins from the airport.  To get ready,  the kids and I have been listening to A Life of Song on Spotify all morning.  I think I'm going from super-di-doopy excited to nervous.

Alright, hopefully I'll get one or two good pictures of Ella and share them with you next week.


sister sheri said...

You sound so busy!!! Looking forward to hearing about your guest. I've started pinterest but it hasn't really caught me yet.

Gloria said...

Love the pictures of the fur babies. We may be getting another dog to keep Jasper company - I think I done lost my mind.....