Friday, April 6, 2012

Has it been that long?

After reading a month of Gloria's posts I realized that is was imperiative that I post.  I started one over a week ago but it didn't get finished.....too involved, complicated stories from working with my teen interns and trying to be involved in their messed up lives. 
That's over.
No more involvement and no more intern job.
The library did not pursue getting more grant funding.
I was asked if I would be interested in working in Circulation (front desk, checking out books).
He asked me on Friday, wanted an answer on Monday.
Less money, more hours but it leaves the door open for future opportunities. 
So, I give myself until December to work two jobs, homeschool and "keep house".

The upper level staff keeps asking me how I'm enjoying it.
I politely and enthusiastically respond that I'm enjoying learning something new and that I have always felt that I should have learned this aspect of the library. 
I really want to scream.

Upside to all of this is that Elise and Emmett are reading more.
Can't go wrong with that.

When I looked for picture to start this post I had no idea what to write about, found this picture and had no idea why we went to Krispy Kreme that day.  Elise said it was from February? 
Has it been that long?

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babithababa said...

Nice to read your simple life .And funny also to say that it was too long after February !It's only 2 months , yeah..