Saturday, April 14, 2012


This week has been a hard week and a relaxing week all in one.
Hard because I've had a cold, relaxing because I've only had one job outside the home to go to.

I gave up "candy" for Lent.   Quotations,.... because I didn't count peppermints...because I can eat just one and stop.  My co-workers leave bags of candy on the desk and when I'm there by myself on Saturday and Sunday I finish off their candy and then have ended up buying replacements.  So Lent helped me focus on not starting in the first place.  I didn't buy any Easter candy to eat before Easter and only bought Robin Eggs and the mini Cadbury hard shell eggs to eat after Easter. I've had a few jelly beans but nothing like I've had in the past.

My neighbor and I ran for the first time since our half marathon on Monday but then didn't on Wednesday because of the smoke.
Friday we ran but I couldn't turn off the "I don't want to do this" recording in my head so I asked if we could walk at mile 4.

 Less than two weeks before my birthday cruise.  Last year Tracy and Susan wanted to do something special for my 40th so they proposed going on a cruise.  I found one on my birthday that Josh and I were willing to save for.
Elise said she wanted to go.
I said, "You'll have to talk to Grandaddy about that."
No sooner had I finished speaking than she was on the phone talking to my dad.
So now the whole family is going.
Susan and Tracy decided not to.
My sister Cathron and her family decided to.
My step-sister also decided to join us.

With so much focus on me turning 40 I need to not forget someone turning 42 in eight days.


Gloria said...

How exciting to come over to your blog and read some new posts. I a still proud of you for your half-marathon!

You got a great workup for your 40th birthday. Arthur and I had all these glorious plans of Europe for our 40th...but then thought about it and asked is it better to spend that money on one trip, or to put it in the house where we can enjoy it for days and days to come. I picked the house. We are still going to take some trips this year but staying closer to home.

When do you start the other job? Sounded like you started it already in your other post, but hen this one you said you only had 1 job you were going too....

sister sheri said...

Happy pre-40th! The best is yet to come! Can I talk to your dad, too?!