Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's okay

My friend Susan was over for my 39th birthday  and was saying that we should go on a cruise to celebrate by 40th.
Elise said, "I want to go."
I said, "You'll have to talk to Grandaddy about that."
No sooner had I said the words, she had hightailed into the kitchen and made the arrangements for the our family.
Susan didn't go.
My sister and her family minus Joshua, her son that is in welding school.
My step-mom also joined us and brought her son-in-law, daughter, nephew and his wife. (We were seated with them at dinner...Cathron and my Dad were at the kids' table)

My friend Shanel, who turned 40 a few weeks before me has been saying how old she is...and I would tell her not to say that because then I would be old too.
Well, Thursday night I was at the Library working and realized that I am old.
I don't know the name of any movies, let alone the people in them, and I don't have the foggiest idea who is on the radio... (I'm even sketchy about who is on Air1.)
The thing is, I don't even care anymore
Yep, I'm old and it's okay.


sister sheri said...

Being old has its benefits... I can forget that I even purchased things and freak myself out that I stole them. I have become my own entertainment.

Gloria said...

Arthur wanted to go see The Avengers (I did not). We laughed because we decided not to go because we didn't want to pay for prime time showing. What made us laugh was that in college we went to the movies all the time, now that we are older, we think "is it really worth that much money?"