Monday, May 14, 2012


People keep asking me how my cruise was...expecting me to say great, I mean what else would someone say who had been on a cruise?
Only, the day of my actual birthday, we were supposed to be tendered from the ship to Carnival's private island where we would use the snorkel sets I had purchased and enjoy snorkeling all day trying to avoid getting burned to a crisp.
Stewart took a picture of me trying to loose my breakfast because there was stormy seas.  It was raining and the island was cancelled, I gave up trying not to feel sea sick.  I had tried my best to play Spite and Malice with Cathron and the kids but in the end I gave up and went to bed for several hours.  It rained all day.

This cruise did have the best desserts of any of our cruises.  Which could have been a very bad thing but I did spend 45 minutes on the elliptical every morning.  I did get to spend time with my niece Claire because she stayed in our room.  I am thankful that Emmett got to hang out with his cousin Olivia in my dad's room and glad that Stewart got to hang out with Jonathon in their own room.  Not so glad that John-Thomas did go back to his room to sleep too much.

All in all it was a good cruise.  
Glad my dad took us.
I'm okay if we don't go again.


sister sheri said...

That is one funny picture! How many cruises have you been on? I haven't been on a cruise.

bd-enthusiast, ETC. said...

happy to find your blog...
"why should -You- have all the good music??"

-i really like your playlist, it has been a background for my browsing.

i like your pictures, very much, but
i feel some of them are personal & i feel protective about that. my guess is that family & friend can 'stop by' & catch up awhile...