Wednesday, May 30, 2012


For a couple of months I have been feeling like I don't want to teach Sunday School anymore and I don't want to do Wednesday nights either.
I'm done.
I've been feeling I'm done with everything.
I quit the library circulation job but have been trying to keep up with everything else.

Two weeks ago my partner in crime for the past 4 years says to me before Sunday School,
"Nothing against you but I don't think I'm going to teach SS next year."
Praise the Lord, just the answer I was looking for.
I didn't want to leave dear sweet Charlene hanging, not that I'm any sort of great co-hort but still I felt an obligation to teach if she did.  Lord knows she would do an outstanding job with whomever taught with her but truth be told I get a lot out of her teaching so I would stay in almost selfishly to spend time with her.
If she's not teaching, no need for me to be there.
That just leaves me with with Wednesday night.
Don't know what to do about that.
Wish someone who come forward with a burning desire to take it over.  I don't mind being a fill in but I really don't think I'm the woman for the job of heading up the Wednesday night program.
Two years is enough.
Sabbatical's are after 7 years....between SS and Wednesday night I have 6 yrs, does that count?

The Teens Make a Difference program is back on again.  We have funding for the fall and they will pursue it for the Spring. Boss lady at the embroidery shop wants me to work more hours over the much for getting some stuff around the house....except for the kiddos might be gone for three weeks so no interruptions there.

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sister sheri said...

Oh, I hear you! I am president of our Parent-Teacher League at school and no one wants to fill the role. I have served two years... and should be "retiring" but... NOT! Praying that God brings along the right one to follow me... because I do not want my last two years to have been wasted. Fortunately, he just started hooking me up with some fresh blood... :) Hope I can convince them that painting this white picket fence is a whole lotta fun!