Monday, June 25, 2012


Tomorrow will mark a week since Stef had open heart surgery.
I prepared myself for worst, it was okay.
We had prayed together, cried together and she was resting in God's forgiveness and what Jesus had done for her at the cross.
That's all any of us should be doing.
or is it

This picture was taken two days after her surgery and right before her surgeon came in and said in so many words that he really didn't expect her to make it through the surgery and was pleasantly surprised that she was sitting up.
Yes, my concern was founded.
Josh's dad said he knew she would make it through...she is too strong-willed.
Stef has said Elise is just like her.
I try not to think about that and what that is going to mean in the teen years.

The surgeon said her valve was completely bone with no apparent way for the blood to go through. She has a mechanical valve now.

Josh's aunt from Ft. Pierce came up for the surgery in Gainsville, his aunt from Midway, Ga, his brother from Ft. Pierce and his wife and his mother in law and his two sons, Josh's dad, step-mom, me and John-Thomas waiting together for 6 hrs.  There wasn't enough seats all together so I took the empty chair at the desk with the red phone.  The red phone that rings when a doctor wants to talk to a family member.
It rang.
I picked it up.....
"Surgical Waiting area", I said.
"Doctor so and so here, is the family of Roland Smith there?"
"Roland Smith family, Roland Smith family." I would shout out.
The Roland Smith family would come to the desk and I would hand them the phone and then go back to my knitting.
I finished a cowl in three days.
I've never finished something so quick.

A week before Stef's surgery, this verse came to me while I was walking the dogs at 5 am:
"When my flesh and my heart fails, the Lord is the strength of my life and my portion forever."
psalm 73:26
Verses don't usually come to me.
I prayed this with her.
Am praying this for another dear friend.


sister sheri said...

Tough moments. Sending you prayers and hugs.

Gloria said...

I've been wondering about who Stef is...what happened to she okay, it sounds serious....all from the tidbits of information shared on facebook. Love that I can go to your blog for the rest of the story. What a scary time, so glad she is doing well.