Thursday, July 5, 2012

We'll see

Why did we start homeschooling?
John-Thomas was a sit still kind of toddler that would listen to books, do puzzles, play dough and color.  What do you do with a child that is doing all those things at two?
 If you're me, you starting working on writing letters...
you start working on the sounds of letters...
you start blending sounds...
And next thing you know your first born is starting to read before he starts kindergarten.
Then what do you do?
And if you start one and it is working, then the second and third and fourth also get homeschooled...
at least until adolescence kicks in and you have a choice to loose your mind or let your kids go to the best middle school in Jacksonville that just happens to be in your neighborhood.
There are other reasons too,
character, discipline, loads of goof off time.
I also signed up for the state funded virtual school about 10 years ago.
We started with Calvert and at first I loved it but after 3 years I hated it and we switched to K12.
Loved it until they started requiring loads of online class time that interfered with our enrichment art and pe times.
About that time, Duval County decided to take a piece of the virtual student money pie and they required you to use Calvert.
First year wasn't horrible, but this last year was insane.
So....what to do this year?
Hopefully they will pass Emmett. He did the work and passed the FCAT but Calvert kept losing the assessments we sent in so we are still waiting to here if they think he did enough to be promoted.
I will not go through that madness again this next year with Elise.
The thought crossed my mind that after 11 years of doing this I don't need no stinkin curriculum company.
There is a mom that takes her daughter to the Main library for Drama and Art that has a homeschool group.
I think that may be our answer.
We'll see.

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illuminator said...

very interesting, I think your method of following what you saw blossoming in your child says a lot about your ability to see your child from a WHOLE point of view, thanks for the article.

God Bless and your continued success.