Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Today I received an email about people following my blog.

Who follows my blog, I don't even write on my blog anymore!

Do I still have a blog?

Well of course I still have a blog, and turns out I had comments awaiting my approval.
A while back, a long while back I changed the settings for comments on blog to be approved first because I was getting a lot of spam comments...only I forgot that I did that.
I thought you had forgotten me.
You hadn't.
I miss our routine.
I wish life was like it used to be.  I would read your blog, comment and write my blog and we would encourage each other, spur one another on with good deeds and all that jazz.
Now I pinterest and it just isn't the same, but I can do that on my phone and that is so much easier than fooling with a slow computer and trying to figure out how to get the pictures off my phone to put on my blog.

This is my favorite eyeliner right is only a dollar!
Hopefully I will start this book with Susan and Tracy this week but I don't think Susan will order it in time to start.  Tracy already has it because she is on the ball like that.  Tracy celebrates her 40th birthday this Saturday.

For the last couple of months I've been spraying this on our clothes to get stains out....Last week I noticed it was carpet cleaner. It works great as a stain getter outer for clothes.  I picked it up on clearance at Publix so I probably won't shell out full price for it now that I used the last of it up today.  Thankful that Pinterest has taught me about Hydrogen peroxide and dawn.
Alright, I really should do my dishes, they won't wash themself.  I don't mind starting my laundry,sorting and folding but all the rest of the household duties I really have to ramp myself up for.  Maybe I'll get on pinterest for a minute.  Have a great day!


sister sheri said...

Too funny about the comment moderation! I feel the same way about blogging. So glad we are friends on FB so that we can peek into each others lives.

I have stopped wearing mascara. It seems like everytime I do I end up crying.

My current book I am reading for my book club is Think by John Piper. Good book, but I wouldn't have finished it if I wasn't in a book club.

Stains... my carpet stairs are horrible!! And we don't even wear our shoes inside... so how is that possible???

Gloria said...

So glad to see you visit the blog world again. I miss those blog days too! I'm glad to hear you didn't remember your blog moderation, i kept thinking that you didn't like my comments and wouldn't post them.

I laughed out loud on the carpet cleaner, but if it works, it works.


Corina Robles said...

God bless you! and keep up walking on His path!