Monday, November 4, 2013

Home economics

In the fall of 2012 I went to a coupon/frugal living conference called Becoming, and it charged me up to work at couponing and cutting costs more diligently.  I have "saved" over $600 this past year by shopping at CVS.  I say "saved" because that is just what they say, but it isn't actually compared with my totals from last year so who knows. Before the conference I never shopped at CVS but my friend did and between her and the conference I started getting our toiletries and random stuff there.
I still am not tracking my expenses like I should.
Last year I also started a price notebook which really opened my eyes to the price differences at the stores I shop at.
Our staples I get from Sam's club, meat, cheese, salad stuff, milk, eggs, yogurt, flour.
Publix is right across the street so I used to get most of our can goods, pasta and bread from them.
Sav-a-lot has the best prices on fruits and random sausage and turkey and cilantro so I will try to hit that every 10 days.
Last week, my frugal friend that I  went to the conference with told me that she has started shopping at Target and saving a bunch.  I gathered all my coupons, got all the electronic deals lined up on my phone but I haven't been able to get over there and now some of my coupons have expired! AGGHH.
Somehow I have got to get back to couponing.
And Stewart informed me that I need to go get my hair colored for free from the chemist at Crew so I can bring home some free shampoo for him.  Fortunately I haven't gotten around to coloring my hair and the colorist called me this morning to ask if I could come in?  She is testing a dark blond and a dark brown this week.  Hopefully I can do that Wednesday but it is early release week and John-Thomas asked me to take him to open a bank account that day.

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Gloria said...

I have tried so many times to coupon, but they expire so quick!