Monday, January 13, 2014

A day in the life of an Embroiderer

Some days I love my job.  Like when I can make a burlap FSU banner or monogram my shirts. I really had fun the day I made the price tag...why that was big fun for me, I don't know.  Some days I love and hate it all in the same day.  Like when I sew a bible verse on a place mat as a personal gift and I was too lazy to measure the center point and I have to spend two days pulling the stitches out. But at least I could pull the stitches out, sometimes I try and end up putting  a hole in the fabric...that's a really bad day.
I like showing different fonts to the customers, and  thread color choices.  I like helping a customer who doesn't know what they want but it is also nice helping someone come in who knows exactly what they want....that's nice because I don't have to think about anything.  I don't like helping a customer who can't make any decisions and they don't like my ideas.  For the most part I really like the ladies I work with.  I wish I could say that I am shedding some light into their life but since their recent comment about pulling me into their dark side I think that is more of what is happening.  My boss is really a great lady.  She bends over backwards for her customers.  She really has the best customer service attitude ever.  If a customer places an order signs off on the work we are going to do and gives us a name misspelled, she will fix it for them even though it was their mistake.
I don't know why some days it is so hard to check to make sure everything is right before sewing it out:
color, direction, right needle number, right item for the right name...and the list goes on for all the stuff I end up checking and rechecking 3 &4 times and still sometimes I miss something.  And the crazy thing is that all of us do it.  You'd think that one of us could get it all right but evidently not.  The stitch remover has peggy written on the side of it.  We are all friends with Peggy. For a while, Peggy didn't want to be my friend and I really didn't even try to spend much time with her but lately I have been more gentle with her and have not been afraid of her and she is been very nice to me.
I am working only 4 days a week, and only about 4 hours each time so it's not like I'm putting in a lot of time there but it is what I'm doing to pay for a second vehicle and our second hand clothes...and some brand new items when a second hand item just can't be found.

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