Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pause my music before watchin


CroppinRobin said...

Please, please, please tell me how you did that! Loved it!

Gideon mommasita said...

Have you made videos with your digital camera and then combined them with your pictures? I then got a you tube account and posted the video and then copied the html and pasted it into the post area under the html setting. There is just so much to do with blogs.

CroppinRobin said...

no...i've never made a video....until now! come visit my blog....

Melissa said...

I love it!!! I need to learn how to do that......

ewe scrap said...

Well, Emily,
I'm going to try and put into words what is in my heart as I read your blogs.
The time is 1980. You were 8, Cathron 12 and Colette 16. It was a very difficult time for me raising three girls in problem times. I had been crying out to the Lord and He gave me these scriptures;
1980: Isaiah 44:3-5 with emphasis on 5.
For I will pour out water on him
who is thristy, and floods on
the dry ground, amd I will pour
my Spirit on your descendants,
and my blessing on your off-
They will spring up among the
grass like willows by the water-
One will say, "I am the Lords;"
Another will call himself by
the name of Jacob;
Another will write with his hand,
"The Lord's," and name himself by
the name of Israel.

From the time you were 3, you were using words that I have no idea where they came from. You were a delight, then, as Elise is to you now.
When the Lord gave me that scripture, I knew in my heart that you would be a writer and to the Glory of God.
Your blog is full of the Lord and His Spirit. And still coming up with expressions that are priceless.
I would like to print each blog and put them in a book.
I am incredibly proud you in so many ways.
LOVE, mom

Gideon mommasita said...

thanks mom