Monday, September 10, 2007

Miracle Monday

Realised at 8 tonight that we were out of creamer and tomorrow's coffee was not going to be fun with skim so I made the long trek to Publix (are you laughing?) On the way out I steped on the scales to see how hard I was going to have to work before Weigh-in-Wednesday and there was a miracle or serious malfunction with the scale because I was down 1 & 1/2! Maybe it was the celery and p-nut butter I had for lunch. They say celery burns more calories than it produces. Josh just came in and said I was a bloggin fool for posting 3 x in one day. If the shoe fits I guess. Season Finale of Fat March is tonight, better go. I did walk again today...wanted to say that too.


Gloria said...

That's awesome Emily...malfunction or not....1 1/2 pounds is still 1 1/2 pounds! YEAH!

Sherry Hayes said...

Weigh tooooo gooooooo. Keep up the great work. I love celery and peanut butter-now I'm craving it :)