Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marriage Conference

Last night and today Josh and I attended a marriage conference at our church by Dr. Jim Coffield. He talked about the sacredness of marriage and how our marriages tell a story of God's love and redemption. Then today he talked about our own individual stories and how it isn't about us but again....God.

Tonight we had a conversation with John-Thomas about what he has learned in Sunday School this year. He said that every question asked in class can have the answer, "all things", or "Jesus". (squirrel joke).

We know all things are God's and it is all about Jesus, but putting our marriage or every relationship in that context and working that out to His glory is an entirely different matter.

After the first session this morning we had ball room dance lessons for an hour. That was entertaining.

At the end of the conference He mentioned all the roadwork that was going on in front of our church and what a pain it was. Then he said he would be very surprised if the cones were still up two years from now. I'm with him, naively nodding my head up to this point. Next he talked about the Myers-Briggs personality indicator that a lot of people use to say....well that's just the way I am. Then he said that if we know there is a problem with us we can't just stick up a cone that says "Bump". Josh and I talked about this driving home and I was quick to point out that there has been road construction going on at 295 all my life, so maybe I can leave my own road construction signs up a bit longer....maybe I'll have to apply for a federal grant to get some of the bumps/potholes out of my life. We had a great laugh about it. I am so thankful we have a good marriage. We did have a big fight this week, so our marriage isn't flawless but so far so good.

Maybe I'll post some more thoughts on the conference in a couple days. They are supposed to post the audio of the conference on the web in a day or two. I'll have to look at my notes, there was one session I would definitely recommend for my married friends to listen to.

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