Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shrimp Anyone?

Several days ago I took some shrimp out of the freezer to thaw for when Josh's parent's visit. There was still 5 lbs of shrimp up in the freezer that was for John and Anne to take home.
Yesterday or the day before I mentioned to Josh about the stink in the fridge, and noted that they must be thawing. Our fridge isn't that big and we have to move stuff all the time to get at what we need at the moment, and the shrimp were at the top front because that was the only place a frozen bag of shrimp would fit. Surely he must've seen it at some point.

Fast forward to this afternoon.
Josh, the boys and his parents go out while Elise takes a nap. I peel the shrimp, make a salad, cut up some fruit, and bake an angel food cake. Then Elise woke up and she wanted to plant some seeds so out we went. Projects done, kitchen tidied up, I'm feelin good.

Then Josh comes home and chops up the peppers and onions and starts sauteing. He also uses my big pot of water, that I had set out to cook the kid's pasta, to boil some shrimp. Now he's ready for the shrimp, I tell him it's in the green Tupperware bowl. That's not 5lbs he says.
Uh, oh.
For days he's been thinking that I took down his parents shrimp to cook for them and planning on some shrimp feast to beat all feasts but I not knowing how much shrimp is in the bags....just knowing I'm sick of it in my freezer/fridge thought there was enough for them. After all the kids weren't eating it, they were having spaghetti sauce w/rotini.
Uh, oh.
Glad we had just gone to a marriage conference and we didn't need to have someone to blame or need to get upset over not enough food for our guests. Whatever.
I made more salad and Josh sauteed some healthy rotini in the sauce left over from the shrimp and there was enough.
My angel food cake wasn't a fluffy sponge cake...more like an absorbent one but it tasted good with some strawberries. So that's my silly story for today. Hope you had a blessed Lord's Day.

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Melissa said...

LOL! I'm so glad to read your posts. It helps me know I'm not alone!
The marriage conference comment was hysterical! You're too funny, Em...