Friday, November 20, 2009

Maid Update

It's been a while since I gave you a maid update.
I know you've been wondering what she's cleaning lately or if she is even cleaning anymore?
Well, this morning she popped off the cover of the shower faucet with a screwdriver and bleached that and then unscrewed the plastic/crystal handle/knob and bleached that. The bathroom fan may very well be running all day because so much bleach was used on the tub and there a thing as too much bleach in a bathroom?
There is if there is only one bathroom and you pass out from bleach fumes every time you enter it.
Oh,'s done.
In the almost 15 years the maid has been cleaning bathrooms for me she has never taken that knobby thing apart to clean the gunk that builds up in there. She may get a raise. Oh wait, she's already getting to go out to lunch with one of her dearest friends today so that will be plenty. She's looking forward to that and is so glad the slight fever she had yesterday was just a passing virus, here one day and gone the next!
Is there anything unusual you have cleaned this week?

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