Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The first time we went camping I was very excited, and even though I look forward to it each year I am not rearing to go. This morning I am thinking about how excitement wears off when the firsts are know first time to go camping, first time 4 wheeling...whatever. Sometimes those firsts get better over time and sometimes they aren't as good as you thought it would be in the first place.
I am thinking of pillars of remembrance and how God told the Israelites to make stone pillars as memorials to what He had done for them.
I am thinking of my sister and her first Thanksgiving without the son who made the crescent rolls for her. She has so many firsts in front of her...we all do...
What are we doing with them?
Thanksgiving is an excellent time to have all these thoughts.
Those Pilgrims of long ago recognizing our need to Thank God for all he had done for them, the good and the bad.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll


ewe scrap said...

I love your Blog. You capture the sadness in the midst of giving thanks.
At least Cathron will never have to have this first Thanksgiving without Stephen again. The second, etc, will be some easier. And that is something to be thankful for.

sister sheri said...

Finding comfort in your willingness to give thanks in the good and bad. May God be everything you and your sister and family need. This Thanksgiving and every day there after.