Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In case you're wondering

A few of my favorite things:
Nutella and Pretzel sticks
Emerald Cocoa roast almonds
Maui Melon Mint Orbit Chewing Gum
Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer
Shade #200 lipstick Cool sand from Lacura Beauty sold at Aldi grocery store

Quirky things I don't like
Changing the channel on tv or radio
Being in a group of people and feeling like I am in the middle school cafeteria again
Too long or too short phone calls and so I avoid the phone now
Forgetting regularly scheduled events (like homeschool art is every Monday but I forget anyway)
The heat blowing out the upper vents in the car.

Last week I said to Josh " you know that about me?" He said no, unfortunately I can't remember what it is that I realized about myself that he didn't know either. Today I was trying to remember and didn't have any luck but I'd been wanting to do a list post like this for a little while so there it is. I would love for you to do one too, it's been a while hasn't it? Do I have to beg because I will. :)


Gloria said...

"Being in a group of people and feeling like I am in the middle school cafeteria again"


ewe scrap said...

Quirky things I like:
Pens...any kind of pens.
Baskets...any kind of baskets.
Scissors...any kind of scissors.
Jars...any kind of jars.

Quirky things I don't like:
Cats...except my cat Woody. Woody's litter.
Pills...I don't like to take pills.

I had a good day today so there is not much I don't like today. I will probably remember more tomorrow!

sister sheri said...

A few of my favorite things...
Cereals that have dried cranberries
Bloggers that leave thought provoking comments (which means they actually read the post and they actually care about the other blogger)
The Sun
Bottled water... so sue me

A few things I don't like
People who whine and don't want me to give them my opinion
Cleaning out the dryer lint
Facebook changing every few months