Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brought to you by the letter B

Last week it was freezing here, our 1920's off grade wood floor house rarely gets above 65 all winter, the kitchen is smaller than most closets, the closets are nearly nonexistent (originally built without any). These were the things I was complaining about while I was jogging last Thursday when what should play on the Ipod (my nephew so generously passed on to me) but "I'm so Blue" by Paul Coleman from the Veggie Rocks album.
Well that's appropriate.
But what is even more sovereign is the song that followed. And as I was convicted I thought that this would be a great post.
Unfortunately by the time I showered I couldn't remember the name of the second song or the words. Over the weekend I remembered and again this morning before I jogged but forgot again by the time I sat down.
It may have been "How deep the Father's love for us"  by Dave Fellingham and Stuart Townend.
Or it might have been "Better is one day in your courts" by Matt Redmon but that doesn't have the overtones of the weight of sin and the importance of the REAL blessings God has given.... so that probably wasn't it.
So there is my confession for this week,
I'm ungrateful for the things not seen but Ultimately of very real importance and satisfaction.

This was brought to you by the letter
and Madame Blueberry.

The world and its desires pass away but the man who does the will of God lives forever.


sister sheri said...

Bless your heart! God is good and we are grateful... whether we remember the tune or not!

Steve Finnell said...
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Marshall Lynch said...

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god bless you.
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