Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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This morning I opened up my blog for my verse of the day and then decided to see what was up on Anna Marie Horner.  Besides seeing my dream attic on her post I also saw a link to where she got her cool file cabinets.  Now, I don't have a place for any of those cool file cabinets until Josh's dad wins the lottery and we build my dream attic but I could use one of their bookcases.  That reminded me of all the great tips I have been thankful lately and have used in the past week.
  • Grating Butter when softend butter is called for in a recipe is the best tip and I use it regularly with many thanks to Robin.
  • Sanding my nails before painting them is another tip that I have been given and I wish I knew who from....I tried it last week and the nail polish actually stayed on, I may be painting my nails more regularly now!
  • Cleaning amber with Olive that tip from the jewelry lady on one of the cruises. (Actually haven't done cleaned it this week but did think about cleaning it last night.)
  • Vaseline around the hairline when coloring my hair, got that tip from the barber's wife who used to cut the boys' hair in Melbourne.
Thats all I have to time for right now, it's time to take the boys to school.


sister sheri said...

I spray the crockpot with PAM before I put the food in it to cook. Makes clean up much easier.

I finally decided to buy a little clip to attach my keys to the inside of my purse. I was so tired of losing them.

I try to always park in the same spot at church, the mall, school. That way I don't have to wonder where I parked.

Whew! Didn't realize I had all those hints!

Gloria said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing!

Ebayer said...

ok...when i read sanding nails...i thought you meant nails - like hammer and nails...not the nails on your fingers! what do you mean by sanding your nails?

CroppinRobin said...

good golly....the previous post was from me - robin...i hate when i don't realize that google automatically signs me in.

gideonmommasita said... a the rough side on one of those nail buffers...I've got the kind w/4sides.