Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

I got everything done on my list and then some last week.
When I got out my roll of fabric to make the duvet covers I found that it was not one continuous piece of fabric and the way it was cut prevented me from making two covers like I had hoped.  So instead of sewing I had to go to JoAnns to get more fabric. Maybe this week I'll get to it while I'm homeschooling....RIGHT?!
If that wasn't enough of a goal, I found these cute turtles to sew this morning.
Why I need to sew some turtles I have no idea.
Instead I should repair my place mats where the ruffle edge is coming off.

Two Saturdays ago when I drove to Walterboro S.C. to meet my dad to get the kids back from camp I listened to Steven Curtis Chapman's cd Beauty Will Rise. I would not recommend this as a casual listen.  If you need a good tear jerker and are feeling like you can't get a good cry on then put this in.  Or if you want a regular reminder of what your sister is still feeling on a regular basis then put on the cd instead of waiting for the radio to play a song to remind you.
That's what I have done since the trip to get the kids.
If I listen it on the way to work or on the way home.  My kids are quick to put it back to the radio when they get in the car.


Gloria said...

Quite impressive that you got your to-do list done. I have a list in my head that isn't getting anything checked off of at the moment.

Those turtles are soooo cute! I don't know what I would do with turtles either but I'd like to try to make one....guess that could be # 145 on my creative to-do list. Behind the window treatments, the sofa pillows, the couch slipcover, the chair pads, the t-shirt dress, the messenger bag..... on and on and on.....

I was browsing the Christian Discount Bookstore website and saw the Beauty Will Rise book, I assumed by the title that it was about the loss of their daughter. Is it?

Melissa said...

I read an excerpt from Mary Beth's book that was enough to get my cry on.

I've missed you...

Sorry I have been so absent. I started reading everyone's blogs again and realized how much I miss writing and connecting.

gideonmommasita said...

yes the book is about the loss of their daughter.

AllThingsHomey said...

That turtle would make a cute pin cushion..hint, hint.